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Washer Game Building Instructions

Washer Games are played in a variety of different ways, on many types of surfaces.

We’ve got Washer game building directions and plans for several different playing styles.
So far we have building instructions to help you learn how to build 3 Hole Boards, One Hole Boxes, nesting 3 Hole Boards, Octagon Boxes, and washers pits.

All of the Washer game building instructions on this page can be downloaded and printed.

Download Plans to Make Washer Games

3 Hole Washer Board Building Instructions 3 Hole Washer Board Instructions

Very detailed, step by step instructions to help you build a set of 3 hole washer boards.

Nesting, 3 Hole Washer Boards Nesting, 3 Hole Washer Boards

Our instructions for 3 hole washer platforms. These boards can fit together to make a slim set to take on your travels.

Square Washers Boxes | Basic Square Washers Boxes | Basic Specs

How to build square washer boxes. Our one-page version with pictures and washers box measurements.

Square Washers Boxes | Advanced Instructions Square Washers Boxes | Advanced

Full Washer Game box building directions. The full washers box building process, from start to finish.

How to Build Octagon Washers Boxes Octagon Washers Box Measurements

Pictures & measurements for a set of Octagon Washer Boxes. Big Thanks to John H for hooking us up with these!

Washer Pits

The easiest way to get a game of washers started. Just bury a 3″ – 4″ cup or can into the ground. Clear a level playing area a couple feet around it, and you’re set!


Washer Game Building and Customization Forum

Our Washer Game Building Forum is dedicated to helping you build and customize great Washers boards. If the instructions on this page don’t help you, please post your questions in the forum. One of our helpful forum members will try to help you out.
We’re working hard to put together as much building information as we can. If you have instructions you’d like to share, please contact us, and we’ll get them posted to our building instructions page.

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Do you feel like we’ve use incorrect measurements, tools, wood, etc.? Let us know! We’re here to represent the general consensus of the actual people playing Washers.
Also, remember that any of these directions can be changed to suit your needs or preferences.
Washers games should be fun, make them however you want! If you have any issues with this site, or would like to see content of any kind, please contact us!

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