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Rules: Three Hole Platform :: by Washer Game Players

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Re: Rules: Three Hole Platform :: by Washer Game Players

Postby BALESFAMILY on Sun Mar 25, 2012 7:51 am

Further Simplification.

Just bust back to 15 whenever you bust.
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Re: Rules: Three Hole Platform :: by Washer Game Players

Postby Jeremy on Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:17 am

Alternate method for scoring, sent to us by Sue -
"We play that if you get a washer on the ledge of the box, you get 7 points."
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Rules: Three Hole Platform :: by Washer Game Players

Postby pgaert on Sat Oct 12, 2013 3:14 pm

Texas here... 3-hole game with scoring 1-3-5. Game to 21, bust to 11 without regard to the scoring throw on the bust. When a throw brings the score to 21, that player stops throwing and relinquishes any unthrown washers to their opponent. Nothing counts for the opponent until an active opposing washer is covered, bringing the other team below 21. If the opponent has washers remaining thereafter, these may then be thrown for points under normal rules of play.

This rule set for busting 21 seems unusual based on the posts thus far. No matter what, the end game can be confusing, and I'd like to share a clarifying rule someone may find useful:

The game only changes if a player/team scores to exactly 21. At that moment, end game rules (whatever they are) go into effect as long as one team has a score of exactly 21.

An example:

Teams A and B have 18 and 20 points respectively, and A is up. A throws a 5 on their first washer. They are NOT busted at this moment, because the score does not "settle" until all washers have been thrown. The intelligent play here is to throw for a 3 (makes 21 if their 5 is covered) or a 1 (blocks a 1 to win by team B). Let's say A misses their remaining washers. B hits 1 on their first throw, making 21. The game changes to end rules.. B relinquishes 2 washers to A, and the only scoring that matters is a 1 cover. Say they DO cover, blanking B's 21. They still have 1 washer, but it doesn't matter because they are guaranteed to bust. Finally, the score is settled. B stays at 20, A drops to 11.
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Re: Rules: Three Hole Platform :: by Washer Game Players

Postby Jeremy on Tue Oct 15, 2013 9:44 am

Thanks for the clarification on how you play the end game. It all gets pretty confusing the different ways everybody plays.

In the scenario you suggested, where team A hits a 5 and goes to 23, what would keep team B from just tossing the remaining washers aside so that team A is assured a bust? Is the idea that team B is still trying to win, even through A came up busted?

Also, what happens if team B also busts? Hits a 3, for example.
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Re: Rules: Three Hole Platform :: by Washer Game Players

Postby tacojoe on Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:07 pm

Player from Michigan here. We have a bit of a different way to do score cancelling and end game. Holes are worth 1, 3, 5.

Normal play:

Team A throws all 3 washers, then Team B throws all three washers. Any washer from Team B that lands in a cup on top of Team A scores the amount of the cup, and cancels all of Team B's washers that are in that cup. For example, A throws 2 washers in the 3 cup and one miss, and sits at 6 points. Team B throws a 1 and a 3. Team B's 3 cancels out both of Team A's washers and scores 3 points for B, so the score after this round would be 4-0 in favor of Team B.

Another interesting twist is if a washer gets knocked in by the opposing team. If a leaning washer gets knocked in by the other team, the washer(s) on top scores. For instance, Team A throws first and hits 2 in the 1 cup, and a washer near the cup. Team B misses the first two, then throws and hits the 1 cup, but Team A's washer falls in on top of it. The two washers from Team A already in the one cup are cancelled by Team B's, then the top washer from Team A scores the point. The score of this round would be Team A 1-0.

End game/overtime:

For the end game, if a team scores 21 or goes over, all remaining washers are given to the other player. All of the scored points are subtracted from the current score when a team goes over 21. For instance, Team A has 15 points and throws a 3 followed by a 5. If those are not cancelled out by the opposing team, Team A would go back to a score of 7. However, scores are not final until all washers from that round are thrown. Consider that the score was 15-16. After hitting a 3 and a 5 and going over (sitting at a current score of 7-16), Team A gives its one remaining washer to Team B. Team B then hits a 5. They now have 21, but Team A's 5 that caused them to go over is cancelled out, bringing the score to 18-21. Team A then gets whatever washers are remaining. If they score a 3, the game will go to overtime. If they score a 5, it would bring them backwards again, but Team B would have any remaining washers to attempt to get a 5 again.

Overtime rules are that each player throws 3 washers, there is no cancelling, and highest score wins. After the first player from one side throws their 3 washers, any washers that landed on the board are removed so that each player faces an open board.


If one player throws washers in each of the 1, 3, and 5 cups, it is a "Trifecta"
If one player throws all 3 washers in the same cup, it is a "Cheeseburger"

(a cheeseburger in the 3 cup and a trifecta are both worth 9 points, but it only takes the second player one washer to cover an entire cheeseburger.)

Anybody else have their own vocabulary for scoring plays?
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