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Build Your Own Washers Game

Welcome! We’re here to help you learn anything you could need to know about the game of Washers!

If you just want to see washer box pictures, our gallery is a great place to start! We’ve got pictures of all kinds of washer games to inspire you when you’re building your next set.

Check out our game building page to help you build your own washers boxes or boards — one hole, or 3 hole style. We’ve got several sets of Washer Game Building Instructions you can download!

If you’re confused about how to play washers, our rules page has several sets of instructions that should solve any issues you’re having. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, just post in the forum, and someone will help you out.

Looking to build your own Washers games? Confused on a rule? Need some competition? Check out our forums! If someone hasn’t already posted what you are looking for, ask a question. The community stays pretty quiet, but you’ll get an answer sooner than later. The forum is also a great place to share information about your next Washers Tournament.

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Toss some Washers!

Whether you call it Washers, Snake Pit, Washoo, Texas horseshoes, Washoes, Hot Tub Party, Holey Board, Washer Toss, or Wishy Washy, Washers is a fun, entertaining, and challenging outdoor game for the entire family. Washers is a great game for parties, backyard BBQ’s, family events, the park, or tailgating.

Washer games have many different variations, depending on who made the set, and where in the world you may be playing. Main variations of Washer Games include 3 hole washers, 1 hole washers boxes, 1 hole platforms, washers “pits”, and even a 5 hole version of washers! The variations in the game are what make it great, and WasherGamePlayers.com is here to help make a great game even greater!

From rules to building instructions to wild customizations, we’re here to help!

In the forums, you can get great building tips, find discussions on what rules everyone else is using, get painting or design ideas, read discussions on different playing techniques, or even find a tournament in your area!

We have several sets of downloadable instructions on our Building page. Several sets of plans to give you the best directions for building Washers games!
Looking for photos of other Washers boards or boxes? Check out our Photo Gallery.